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COVID 19 Operations Guide

COVID 19 Operations Guide

Dr. John & Jean Marshall Wellness Center

COVID 19 Operations Guide

Fall 2020 Hours

Monday-Thursday 7 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Friday 7 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Saturday/Sunday 12 p.m. – 8 p.m.


The Dr. John & Jean Marshall Wellness Center will be open for students, faculty and staff in the spring 2021 semester.  Every effort is being made to assure a safe and enjoyable visit to the center.  Our custodial team cleans the facility thoroughly each evening.  Additionally, staff will clean all equipment, cardio and weight machines twice daily – once in the morning and once in the afternoon.  


Given these efforts, we still need your assistance in keeping our facility as safe as possible for all members.  Please note the following operating guidelines for members of the Marshall Wellness Center.


General Guidelines:

  1. Upon entry to the Marshall Wellness Center, please sanitize your hands at one of our hand sanitizing stations.
  2. Face coverings are required in all areas of the Center.
  3. All members must practice social distancing while in the facility.  Please maintain at least six feet of space between you and other members at all times.  
  4. Wash/sanitize your hands frequently.



  1. Showers and locker rooms will be open for use.  We encourage all members to shower at home.
  2. Towel service is provided.  Pick up clean towels, and drop off dirty towels, at the front desk.
  3. Lockers are available for use.  To access a locker:
    1. Check-out a locker/key at the front desk.  
    2. A locker will be assigned and the member given a key
    3. Use this key to open the lock.  Keep the key with you (safety pins are included)
    4. After your workout, return the key to the front desk.
    5. Failure to return the key will result in a $5 replacement fee.
  4. Sport and fitness equipment may be checked out at the front desk.  The number and type of check-out items will be limited.
  5. Water fountains are off-line/replaced by water fill stations.  Please bring a water bottle with a lid.




Facility Spaces:  


Each of our activity spaces has restricted capacity.  The capacity of each activity area are as follows:

  • Fitness Room 25
  • Group Ex Room 12
  • Cardio Loft 20
  • Hard Courts 50
  • Turf 200 (may change with area configuration)


Once we reach or are near the capacity in a given room, members will be directed to an area with existing capacity.  If at any time staff feel that social distancing guidelines cannot be enforced due to crowding in a space, staff are authorized to shut down the space and clear members of the area until social distancing guidelines can be met.  The area may then be immediately reopened and member access regulated by staff.  We appreciate your assistance with this process.


Fitness Room and Cardio Loft

Equipment Spacing > Each of these areas has both cardio and strength equipment.  Approximately ½ of cardio machines have been taken off-line to ensure a minimum of six feet (generally 8-10 feet) exists between machines.  Where necessary, weight machines have been taken off-line as well.  Machines that are off-line have been marked as such with signage.


Wiping Down Equipment > Members are asked to wipe down equipment with gym wipes before and after use.  In the event that no wipes are available, please alert student staff who can refill the wipes dispenser.  Staff will also be cleaning equipment periodically throughout the day.  Please ask staff to clean equipment if you have concerns about its cleanliness.  Staff are happy to accommodate.


Equipment Ready/Not Ready Signage > Each cardio and weight machine has a sign system to alert staff when a piece has been used.  The sign hangs from the frame and reads “Ready for Use” on one side, and “Needs Cleaning” on the other.  Once wiped down, please ensure that the “Needs Cleaning” sign is facing out.  The disinfectant on our gym wipes needs to dry completely before the next use, requiring a rest time for several minutes.  So, even after the machine has been wiped down, it needs to be off-line for about 5 minutes.  Staff may additionally clean the frame and auxiliary pieces (if any) during this time.



Group Ex Room

This space will be governed with flexibility in mind.  The space allows for cardio workouts on bikes and rowers, as well as floor space for stretching and functional training when Group Ex Classes are not in session.  Please be considerate of others when working out in this area.  


Group Exercise classes will occur in this area, requiring us to clean and reset the room before and after each class.  Members will be asked to relocate their workout during scheduled class times.  Please visit for the schedule of Group Fitness classes and drop-in workout periods each day.


Hard Courts

The Hard Courts will be available for a variety of activities.  At all times, social distancing must be observed.  Because of this, all team sporting activities are prohibited until COVID restrictions are eased.  


Competitive activities in the hard courts will be limited to Badminton and Pickleball Singles

and Table Tennis Singles.  Staff can set-up these courts upon request.  Please see the Intramural Sports Calendar at for scheduled intramural and recreational activities.


We encourage groups and individual to use the hard courts to walk, shoot hoops (2 people per hoop), stretch, jump rope and other forms of activity that facilitate social distancing.



The turf will be available for student use in the evenings – generally after 6 p.m.  As it is a shared facility with Athletics, the schedule of available times may be fluid.  Please visit for scheduled open recreation times.  Just as with the Hard Courts, all team activities are prohibited in this area until COVID 19 restrictions are eased.  


We encourage groups and individuals to use the turf to walk/run, play catch and participate in physical activities that allow for social distancing.  Upon request, cornhole, ladder golf and other recreational equipment can be set up in this space.  Please see the Center Manager at the Front Desk to request set-up of this equipment.  Scheduled recreational activities will occasionally occur in the turf.  Please visit for a schedule of activities.





Intramural and Recreational Sports activities will take place where social distancing can be assured.  Sport rules may be modified and team rosters limited to help facilitate activities.  Please check the Intramural Sports Schedule at for information on sports programs.



Fitness and Wellness Programs will take place where social distancing can be assured.  Group Fitness Class size and duration may be limited.  Please check for a schedule of group fitness class offerings.


Wellness Educational programs will take place primarily in an on-line format.  In some cases, video links will be provided and in others Zoom invitations will be sent to students expressing interest.  Please visit for descriptions of Wellness Programs and format.



Outdoor Activities:


In the climate of COVID, being active outdoors is highly encouraged.  The Marshall Wellness Center has facilities and equipment that can be used or checked out to help facilitate these types of activities.


Disc Golf Course

The Disc Golf Course is a great way to be physically active while social distancing.  Disc Golf can be played individually or in small groups.  The Marshall Wellness Center has disc sets that can be checked out from the Front Desk.  Scorecards are also available at the Front Desk and in the starter’s kiosk near Ashley Hall.


Outdoor Equipment Rental

The following is a list of equipment that can be checked out from the Marshall Wellness Center for use outdoors:

  • Cornhole Boards & Bags
  • Bocce Sets
  • Ladder Golf
  • Disc Golf Sets
  • Footballs
  • Frisbees
  • Wiffleball bats & balls
  • And More…..


Stop in or give us a call.  We can help you get active.



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